Lolita Fashion: Mint for Gelatoni

I’ve been involved in Lolita fashion for about a decade, but I can pretty much count the number of times a year I go out in Lolita on one hand. I’m hoping to wear more Lolita clothes from this year on though. However, I find it an absolute hassle going out in layers of extravagant clothing, especially in this hot and humid weather. So I’ve decided to create more opportunities to wear them at home!

All pictures are taken by myself. I used a tripod, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 which comes with a self-timer, iPhone and a white cloth backdrop which I draped over my wardrobe.

Here’s my first Lolita outfit for the year, and apparently my cat Fuzzy wants some of the action.

I’ve been on a mint/green kick lately, and I’m fond of cat prints, so when I came across this Candy Cat series by Little Plum in green, I was stoked! It will match my Gelatoni handbag (which I’m really fond of) and I’ll be able to wear it to Disneysea! and meet Gelatoni

Outfit rundown:
JSK & KC: 糖果猫 Candy Cat by Little Plum
Blouse: Parity Night
Shoes: Bacio Bouquet
Wig: Galaxy Tia by Monkeep
Pannier: Caged skirt by Moi Moi Honey
Bag: Gelatoni 3-way bag from Disneysea

The JSK is made of a light-weight silken fabric with a sheen. It makes the outfit pop without looking tacky. And, it does complement Gelatoni’s colour scheme.

I do have a gripe with the headbow. It’s huge, and that’s lovely, I love head-eating bows. But it keeps falling off my head. I found an easy fix. I used one of the twin clips to clip the headbow to my wig, and it stays! It looks better this way too in my opinion.

Yup, it stays even when I tilt my head.

The blouse and wig are new purchases too and I’m wearing them for the first time. It’s rare to find blouses in this colour. The 2-layer sheer sleeve is embroidered with flowers, which is quite unique. I’ve purchased another one of these blouses in white although I usually don’t have a lower budget for blouses for inner wear. Aside from the sleeves, the rest of the blouse isn’t too sheer so it can be worn as a standalone piece.

Monkeep’s Galaxy Tia wig is an ash purple outside, but when you lift up in strands in the lower layers, it’s a gorgeous blue gradient. I wish this blue gradient was on the outer layer though…

My edit tends to produce cooler colours. Here is a more accurate portrayal of the wig’s colour. The full-outfit shots are a more accurate portrayal of the dress though. Go figure.

Cats are excellent props for any photoshoot…

Even when they’re not in the best mood for it…

I’m a huge Gelatoni fan, in case you couldn’t tell…

Excuse my self-indulgence, I had a lot of fun wearing this!

Here is an unedited picture straight out of my camera.

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And a 360 degree picture of my messy “studio”.

My camera has a remote controller app with a viewer. I set the timer on my camera to 10 seconds. When I’m satisfied with what I see in the viewer, I tap the button to take the photo, toss my phone onto my bed, and hold my pose while waiting for the 10 second mark. My cat’s watching the whole time and thinking I’m insane (and I know you probably do too).

I’m quite pleased with the results of my first self-portrait session. I’m awful at posing for photos taken by other people but when I’m by myself, I feel more at ease posing, and I can easily refer to poses online. Perhaps I’ll try heading outdoors next time when the weather is good.

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